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BSU- JPC is international, open access to be published by the Faculty of Education, Beni-Suef University The journal is intended to be an interdisciplinary journal in the various fields of education, teaching, learning and related disciplines. It seeks articles on the issues affecting, promoting and exchanging good practices within all areas of education, to bring about improvements in, and a better understanding of, practices of educational psychology, mental health, teaching, learning, assessment, curriculum development, technology, educational administration, and pedagogy.

BSU- JPC is a peer-blind reviewed journal for educators in all areas of education dedicated in both print and online versions in English and other languages.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 5, January 2024, Pages 1-298 (January) 

Using the Technique of Mind Maps to Enhance Preparatory School Students' EFL Vocabulary

Pages 256-273

Yasser Kamel Hussein; Heba Mustafa Mohamed; Eman Mohammed Abd El-Haq